The 3rd International Conference on Digital Economy and Computer Application (DECA 2023)
Call For Papers

Topics include but are not limited to the following areas: 

Internet of Things (IoT)

Edging/Cloud Computing for Smart IoT

Legal perspectives in IoT-based business service

Auto-organization on context, exchange or supply chain

IoS (Internet of Services) plus IoT

Smart cities and internet of vehicles

New business models and value map

Architectures and platforms of IoT applications

Machine learning and Evolutionary Computing for IoT applications

Smart manufacturing and Industrial IoT

Control and decision making for smart IoT

Security and privacy for smart IoT

Blockchain Technology

Anonymity and Criminal Activities of the Cryptocurrency

Application of digital currency

Applications and services based on blockchain

Blockchain + electronic contract

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Blockchain and new economy and new finance

Blockchain in crowdsourcing and crowdsensing

Blockchain in social networking

Blockchain in supply chain management

Blockchain in the Internet of things (IoT)

Blockchain investment

Blockchain technology and industry supervision

Blockchain, big data and AI

Business value of blockchain

Digital Wallets, Coin Exchange, and Initial Coin Offering

Distributed Trust

Managing the Risks of Cryptocurrency

Protocols and algorithms based on blockchain

Regulation and Policy in Cryptocurrency

Security, Privacy, Attacks, and Forensics

Smart contract and chain code

Stablecoins and Monetary Policy

Theories of blockchain and distributed ledger technology

Transaction Monitoring and Analysis

Service-Oriented and Cloud

Service QoS optimization

Multi-tenancy, security and privacy in clouds

Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Application as a Service

Service process modeling

Business intelligence and analytics for servicesService security

Service requirement collection, specification, and analysis

Data- and computation-intensive services

Extreme scalability, high availability, elasticity, and reliability in a cloud

Programming models and transaction models for the cloud

Cloud business support services and operational support

Digital Economy

Economy Development and Growth of Artificial Intelligence

Economic Development of the 5G Industry

Internet of Things and Urban Economy

Environment and Ecological Economy

Big Data and Network Economy

Blockchain Technology and Regional Economy

Economic System


Financial Development and Innovation